The First Week

It has been four days since we moved our little family to an island in Asia Pacific. We’ll be in this particular location for the next 8-12 months (until we move to a different island for the long-term) so we’ve been eager to show you our new home!

Our friends here picked us up from the airport and are helping us get settled – a huge help!



This is what  typical traffic around here looks like.



So of course we’ve all had to pick up some helmets



Hudson is hilarious! He keeps telling people “Hi, I speak English. Do you?” And then disregarding the lack of response, he goes off in his usual fashion talking about any and every thing while people just smile and giggle. Of course, there’s nothing like a big pile of dirt to break down a little language barrier.


Hudson also enjoys walking around the neighborhood naming all the chickens and roosters we come across in the street. His favorite one is “shaky-head.”

We’re loving the tropics and all the yummy fruit! I never knew bananas could taste so good! Seriously blew my mind!! Of course, there are a few volcanoes right around us, and we hear that lends to great soil for great produce! We’ll take it! The below pic is just around the corner in our neighborhood.


Noah chowing down on some dragon fruit. This fair-skinned baby is quite the attraction here. We’ve found ourselves periodically pronouncing his name like the locals do: NoAAHHH. =)



Some of the countryside



We came just as monsoon season is beginning. It’s been raining for a few hours every evening, but we hear it’s supposed to rain more during the day as the season comes into full swing. Check out our beautiful backyard! 


I wish we could show you the smells and sounds as well, but pictures will have to do. We’re enjoying meeting our neighbors and we’re having too much fun with all the newness to notice how tired we are, but suffice it to say we’ve been going to bed around 8pm each night!


8 thoughts on “The First Week

  1. Happy to see your first few days are going well! I love the quick update. That picture of Noah in the helmet is cracking me up, and I’m not surprised Hudson is so quick to make friends with the locals! Praying for the jetlag to subside quickly and continued positive news!


  2. Hi Rachel, Jim, Hudson and NoAaHHHH!

    Your pictures are beautiful and the scenery is breath taking. I’m so happy that your long journey is over and I hope that soon you’ll get past your jet lag. Bill and I will keep you in our prayers. May God bless you all for everything that you do for His kingdom. (I would love to be able to smell and hear everything that your pictures show!) I pray for your family’s good health and that Hudson will continue to make friends. Be safe and God bless!


  3. Well, Hudson names chickens in AP just like we name chickens in Bryan…we had chickens named scaredy, crazy, hoppy etc… We will be praying that God provides you with loads of energy and a smooth transition. Kyle


  4. Enjoyed reading the update and the beautiful pictures! It must be so exciting to finally be there! You will continue to be in our prayers!


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