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Engaging the unreached in Asia Pacific through Bible translation, teaching, literacy, and church development.

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A Glimpse Around Town

Having lived in Asia-Pacific for a couple of years now, a few months ago we moved to the particular island/region where we intend to live long-term. Here are a few pics to give you a peek in and around the town in which we currently live. There’s one main road that goes through our town. Traffic isContinue reading “A Glimpse Around Town”

Max’s Birth Story

Each child has his or her own unique birth story for their mother to cherish (or try to forget…). Since the story of Max’s birth here on an island in Asia Pacific includes a window – small as it may be – into life and culture here for my American readers, I wanted to share. I went into laborContinue reading “Max’s Birth Story”

Teach your kids about cross cultural ministry

Hudson on a Mission

Our children’s book Hudson on a Mission takes you into the daily life of a family learning to live and serve in a cross cultural setting, and preparing to share God’s Word for the first time in a new language!

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★★★★★ Our kids love this book!

September 24, 2014
By Amazon Customer

Such a cute little book to introduce children to the concept of unreached people groups and our call as Christ followers to reach them. Our kids loved this book and we’ve used it as a gift for several friends.

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