A Tale of Two Ibadah

Ibadah is the local word for religious ceremony. It’s a word we learned early and use often because the milestones in life on our island are commonly marked with the gathering of friends and neighbors for good food and a traditional ceremony. Each type of ibadah is specific to the circumstance: tujuh bulan (literally “seven months”) marks the seventhContinue reading “A Tale of Two Ibadah”

Fun Festivities!

A few days ago we got to learn and participate in some new holiday festivities! This particular holiday celebrates the heroine of this country’s women’s emancipation movement, marked by kids dressing up in traditional costumes and adults competing in traditional food platter decorating contests. Jim and I had certainly never done anything like this, but we had a localContinue reading “Fun Festivities!”


Fabric lovers the world round, be jealous. I recently got to participate in making batik fabric! Batik fabric has been a favorite fabric style of mine for years, and since we now live in the very part of the world in which this method originated, this was a thrill for me! Here’s a rundown of how it’sContinue reading “Batik!”

3 Signs That You Might Not Live in TX Anymore

1. You appreciate the free-roaming geckos in your home because they help keep the bugs out. I even saw a big juicy bug earlier today, and instead of killing it, genuinely thought, “Nah, I’ll leave it for the geckos so they’ll stay around.” Yep, things have changed. 2. You learn that company’s coming, so theContinue reading “3 Signs That You Might Not Live in TX Anymore”