Family Highlights


We recently enjoyed spending some time out in Clyde with my (Rachel’s) family. Here are some of the highlights that we’ve had with this special crew over the last few months.

Dinosaur Valley State Park



Hunting dove right out the back door.



When we’re all together, few (if any) days go by that we don’t pull out some board games. Usually we they will play well into the early morning hours.



Hudson cannot get enough of his sweet cousins (and Nana’s never-ending supply of ice-cream)!



And here’s proof that every now and then this Grandpa will change out of his wranglers and boots.



Here, Hudson had lined up the chairs for Nana, myself, and the stuffed animals to watch him race.

“No tires, just gas!”



And sometimes Nana pulls the race car.


I’m glad you can’t pick your family, because I couldn’t have pick better if I had tried.

One thought on “Family Highlights

  1. Such a great family! So glad we were invited to meet them and spend time with you all the past couple of years. Enjoyed every second we were together while you were visiting us. Can’t wait to get to see y’all again. We love and miss you guys dearly!


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