This June we moved out of the house that we’ve been staying in since we got back to Texas.

A huge thanks to Jim’s Mom for providing the house!

Through this living situation, I could tell you countless ways that I saw God’s hand in providing exactly what we needed at exactly the right time (some were answers to specific prayers, and others were just God doing His thang: knowing what we need and providing), from the location, to the timing, to the accessibility of a language helper… (I really could go on and on), but I’ll save the specifics for another time.

During this season following our formal training with NTM, as we make our final preparations for moving to Asia, living close to family has been a priceless blessing.

photo 1 (1)
Going to the park with Gram
photo (11)
Sleepy snuggles with Nana

Until we depart in November, we will be on the road quite a bit. We would love to see you if/when we’re in your area! We’ll be going to Chicago and Michigan in July, College Station and Central TX for a few weeks in July/August, and then to Missouri. In between trips, we’ll be staying with family in Clyde and Frisco. We have a lengthy to-do list, and I have a feeling November will get here before we know it!

One thought on “Nomads

  1. Can’t wait to see you guys in a few weeks! I want a turn at sleepy snuggles with Noah. Excited for y’all as the big departure draws closer.


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