Spring Happenings

There’s been a lot going on these last few months, and little time to post an update.

We’re currently wading through visa paperwork, insurance, etc. Regarding the visa application, what I want to know is: Who the heck knows where their high school diploma is? (Or perhaps I’m the only one who doesn’t?)

Jim is about to head to North Carolina for two weeks to get further medical training for living in the bush. Just today I picked up one of the text books for the course and opened right to the section describing how to take a skin graft…You know, just the typical skin grafts you do every morning over coffee.

Hudson turned four in April. This was his first birthday in Texas, so we enjoyed having lots of family out for a party. This sweet boy is full of imagination. He needs to know how everything works, and will explain it all to anyone who will listen. Right now, Spiderman is pretty much the coolest thing ever.



He also got to play in a Blast Ball league (similar to T-ball, but for younger kids) and was sad to see the season end. Of course, for him, the main highlight was the cookies he got after each game.

Pirates_Hudson (3)


Noah is two months old now. He and his crooked, dimpled grin seem to be getting cuter every day!



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