Welcome, 2014!

For about the past 5 years, 2014 has been our target for heading to Asia Pacific, so we readily welcomed in the new year! We are in Denton, TX, and have been for over a month now since we completed our training in Missouri. We have since found some language helpers (from our future country) at the University of North Texas a few blocks away, and are excited to have gotten started learning language! The other big event we’re anticipating in 2014 is the approaching birth of our second son! T-minus two months in the pregnancy, and it cannot go by quickly enough! 

We hope you had a special time over the holidays with those dear to you. Below are a some pics of our time with family over the past few weeks.

Hudson loves all things trains and was seriously glued to the windows at the exhibit at NorthPark mall.



Of course, what isn’t fun when the grandparents and cousins are involved!



Here, we had just seen an animatronic T-rex, and couldn’t resist a little reinacting while posing for the camera.



Making a gingerbread house with the cousins was too much fun! It didn’t last very long before the demolition began, but of course, that’s what it’s all about when you’re 3, 5 or 7!



Taking notes with Nana  =)



About to lay the smackdown on Uncle Jess in the annual Christmas football game.SAMSUNG CSC


Making some cookies.



And we ended all the festivities with a delightful wedding!


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