Recommended Reading: Prophecies of Pale Skin

Note: From time to time we read books that we think are worth sharing. These typically relate to the things we are passionate about, namely missions and missions mobilization. Check out our Recommended Reading category for more, and of course, we invite your feedback and suggestions!

I just finished the book Prophecies of Pale Skin by D.S. Phillips – a thrilling read! This is “the true story of a young couple who stumbled across a fierce, murderous, stone-age people group in the remote jungles of Indonesia only to find that they were the fulfillment to prophetic dreams given to the tribe long before their arrival.” (from the Amazon description)

I would recommend this book for two reasons: First, it’s an exhilarating story of God working mightily among the Dao people through two normal people who are simply being obedient to His call. I couldn’t put the book down, and I highly recommend you read it yourself!

Second, the Phillipses are fellow missionaries working on the exact same island that we are headed toward! This book documents their journey, and if you are interested in getting a better picture of what we’ll be doing (and supporting their ministry in the process), this book is a must read!

Find it here in kindle and paperback editions.

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