Movin’ Along

We just finished up our final semester at NTM’s Missionary Training Center in Missouri, and have made it back to the great state of Texas (and yes, Hudson knows full well by now that TX is God’s country).


Depending on when our visas can be processed, we expect to leave sometime between April and November of 2014, and we expect this next year to fly by!  We will spend part of this Summer continuing to develop our team of folks here in the States who will join us in making disciples among a people group that is currently cut off from the Gospel of Christ. As we travel to Asia Pacific, it’s crucial that we have a committed team back home who will pray for us and support us. If you would like to hear more about our future ministry and how you can be involved, please contact us!

In the Fall, we will be in Oklahoma doing a Linguistics practicum among the Cherokee (analyzing the phonemics and grammar of their language in preparation for doing the same for an unwritten language in Asia Pacific). Then we will finish up preparations and do some preliminary language study before our departure.

Yay for the light at the end of the tunnel!

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