Last Semester in MO

This semester – our last here at NTM’s Missionary Training Center in Missouri – we are taking the Linguistics Course. It’s an intense course involving studying the ins and outs of analyzing obscure, unwritten languages, so that in the village we eventually end up in, we will be able to put the unwritten language into writing and translate the Bible into that language, so that the native people will have access to Scripture.

Some of the languages we look at are more obscure than others

While Linguistics keeps us quite busy, we have managed to carve out some time here and there for personal projects. Jim and Noe have been working with an expert (the father of a friend) to make custom recurve bows for themselves.

Shaping the handle
Shaping the handle

I recently finished a quilt for Hudson. The best part about the process was that he was excited that I was making it for him, and he keeps telling me that he’s also making a blanket for me. The thought definitely counts! What a sweetheart.

Hudson supervised the whole process

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