A Sweet Serenade

Hudson has a habit of singing stream of consciousness songs at random times. I managed to sneak up behind him while he was making up this song for his little brother.

One thought on “A Sweet Serenade

  1. Jim and Rachel,

    Hi! I asked about you guys the other day and Christopher said that you are here visting before you travel to your mission destination.
    We went over there today and they had Hudson on a Mission book out and I read it. Very cute! Good message and loved the characters.
    It sounds like you are going to embark on a very exciting mission. God Bless you both and your two sons. It takes special people like you to embrace and go forward with this mission.
    We will definitely be praying for all of you.
    If you are still in Texas and have just a few moments, we would love to see you.
    Love to all,


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