Happy Independence Day!

This past weekend was the Cherokee National Independence Day celebration, and we got to join some of the local festivities!

Saturday we hit the parade, followed by various exhibits and games.










Can you tell which one is Jim?


Okay, just kidding – it’s another picture of the parade.

There was a traditional bow and arrow shooting competition early in the morning. Once we arrived, Jim and our good friend Noe learned that there would be a recurve (type of bow) division that afternoon, and being that the two of them recently made recurve bows for themselves, they sped drove back to our cabins to grab their bows, then entered the competition. The target, a pile of cornstalks, was 100 yards away, and both of them hit the target at least once!


  It was a fun weekend. We’re having a great time here in Tahlequah, OK as we work on our Linguistics Practicum.




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