From Despair to Hope

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, many Christians observe Advent. It is a time to reflect on the longing the Israelites had as they waited for their Messiah, or Savior-King, to come.

Just Thursday evening, I read the book of Lamentations. It is a short book of the Bible that really gives a picture of how desperate the situation was in the centuries leading up to Jesus’ birth.  Unspeakable atrocities were occurring – things that should never, never, never happen – things that I won’t even repeat in this blog. The rest of the day, and into Friday, I was reflecting on the distress and the desperation they were going through. Their desire for someone to do something. For someone to bring justice.  The Israelites had received prophecies that a Messiah would come, and many of them knew that their only true hope was His coming, whenever that would be.

Of course, it was the next day (after reading Lamentations) that the reports started coming in. We watched in shock as we learned what took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. This was not just a story from centuries ago that I can simply shake my head at. This was tangible. I still cannot even think about it for a moment without tears welling up. Oh, my heart aches for those parents and everyone involved.

Those who have put their belief in Jesus Christ know that this will not always be reality. The Biblical prophets paint a clear picture of the Justice and the Peace that will be had when Jesus, the Savior-King, comes again. Right now, we wait, longing for that time to come. We as a society do what we can to try to prevent these atrocities from happening, but the only thing, the only thing that we can put our hope in that won’t disappoint is Jesus.

As I celebrate the first coming of my King this Christmas season, I eagerly anticipate His second coming. And make no mistake – believers and unbelievers alike – He is coming back. Justice will reign.

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