Delicious Cake

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I mentioned in an earlier post that NTM missionaries have begun teaching chronologically through the Bible in the Akolet tribe of Papua New Guinea.  They started on January 4th, and have taught 5 days a week for about an hour each day.  If you have not already done it, I’d encourage you to check out their blog or sign up for email updates so that you can follow the progress and pray with me that God would do an amazing work in the hearts of the Akolet, and that he would give those missionaries the energy and endurance to work faithfully to the end.

In just these few short weeks, we are already able to see how God’s word is challenging the Akolet to examine their worldview and think about what is true.  I have read several great quotes from the men and women attending the teaching, but there is one I especially wanted to share.  Gelio was asked by Ryan (one of the missionaries) to tell him what he thought of the teaching so far.  This was his response:

“Ryan, it’s like this. Remember that cake you gave me one time?  This teaching is like that cake. I’ve never tasted anything like it, and it is so delicious.”

If you’re interested in reading more, check out these links:

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